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At Nightfire we specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality loudspeaker systems. Using only the best drivers in the highest quality handmade enclosures, and above all, a wealth of experience, we manufacture the finest loudspeakers you can buy for all applications. Unfortunately we are currently not offering soundbars, but for soundbar reviews check the link that we provided.

DRIVERS As sole European distributors for the Canadian Loudspeaker Corporation we offer you several brand new ranges of incredible drivers all with ground breaking performance. The new high power pro series offers new levels of performance at the right price for OEM manufacturers. Exclusive to Nightfire.

NEW!!! Plans for a whole range of loudspeaker enclosures for all applications designed to get the best out of our world beating driver ranges: HIFI; Studio monitoring; Background music installations; High power pro full range; High power pro bass; Rear and Front loaded horns from 15" to 21" and more!

MICROPHONES Our brand new range of professional microphones for live, studio, broadcast applications, exclusive to Nightfire.
MIXING DESKS New professional mixing desks never before seen in the UK offering quality sound and a host of features, built to last. Compact rackmount desks to 32 channel production consoles available. One of the only mixer brands with a 3-year guarantee. Exclusive to Nightfire.
AMPLIFIERS Professional power amplifiers from a range of quality manufacturers to make the most out of any loudspeaker system.



All the quality stands, cables and connectors you will ever need. Cables assembled to order.

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