Lightweight 2x15+Horn floor standing 2kW band system

Hi Ian thought I would give you a progress report! Had a quick rehearsal and have to say I was blown away! Gigged on Friday and the sound was unbelievable. People couldn't believe the so much sound comes from so small a box! I am really impressed so far. The system works extremely well and set up time and breakdown times are a breeze! The band (final redemption) are so chuffed that everyone can hear what they are playing! As I said the audience were amazed, have got to do some gigs with the rig after just one showing perhaps I can make some money after all!! will keep you informed of progress of the system once again many thanks for your time and advice.

cheers, Pete Merrix

Nexo PS15 Upgrade! – Replacement 15” bass driver beats the original at 1/3 of the price...
“They sound absolutely mega! even better than originally, much more punchy! Thanks!” The Linekers

‘Back-To-Back’ With Martin Audio…
“Just to see I set my old Martin cabs up against the Lightline 12’s I bought, there was no comparison, deeper, punchier bass and crystal clear vocals, it just made the Martins sound muddy” Nigel Harris

Custom Powered SPS12 Wins Again
“I’ve been round all the shops, and cant believe just how much better these monitors sound”
Nik Holmes

"Headcharge never sounded so good" Ann-d. spindoctor, Headcharge Resident, City Hall Ballroom Sheffield

"Holy Grail of PA systems" Loo Yeo, Ethnomusicologist, Salsa & Merengue Society, Sheffield

"The power and fidelity of the music was more than I dreamed it could be; my fellow band members, our society personnel, in fact everyone were stunned. I remain convinced that this was only possible because of the time you spent with us from the onset; in the fine-tuning of our requirements, through to the care you took in manufacturing the system.
Your enthusiasm raises the term 'customer service' to a completely new level.
Faithful sound reproduction, Boundless power, Portability, Affordability - The holy grail of all P.A. systems. And you reached it first."

Discrete Sound For A Beautiful Church Father Tom Singleton

"The speakers on Walney are working really great and everybody is pleased with their performance and ability to blend into the church décor."

Built To Last
Petteridge Light Orchestra

"When I first picked up my new speakers I remember Ian saying something about the feet and handles staying on. Yeah, Yeah I thought, having built up a fine collection of rubber feet, plastic bits off handles, metal corners and plastic inserts from mixing desk controls over the years. You buy new kit, it starts shedding extremities like dandruff. Everyone knows that!

Not this time! Here, we are, nearly two years later, and nothing has come adrift. The case made for the amp protects far enough to prevent decapitation of the control knobs, and everything fixed onto the speakers remains in situ. I've given up my collection and have thrown away all the bits collected over three decades. No point now!"

"So Good, I Actually Paid For Them!" John Moore, Editor of Music-Mart

"Simply Stunning Detail And Clarity" Steffan Bowen, DJ, Producer and Audio Perfectionist!

"Having lived with a pair of Nightfire speakers for a year now, I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone. I bought a pair of monitors - After listening, the choice was made and my existing speakers were replaced (for over £100 less than I had originally expected to have to pay for the sonic improvements I was looking for). I am a bit of a detail freak, and one of the main things I was looking for was improved detail and clarity from the music to bring out the more subtle elements of the songs. I was also looking for better control over the bass notes to give them more punch and to tighten up their timing The Nightfire monitors provided all the desired sonic improvements, and more, with excellent balance across the frequency range, improved control of the bass, simply stunning treble and midrange detail and clarity, coupled with the ability to control quite chaotic pieces of music in a way many other (more expensive) speakers have made sound like a sonic pile-up. The monitors produce a truly beautiful soundscape with splendid separation, as well as excellent percussion and vocal performances. The sound is captivating and stereo imagery is excellent."

"Those Monitors Are Amazing…" Dec Cluskey, The Bachelors, Serious Writers Guild, www.makehits.com

"I have to say I have never been so excited about any bit of kit I have ever bought. Those monitors are amazing. They are now properly installed. They are the most transparent speakers I have ever heard and the stereo positioning is incredible audible.
The 'centre' point of the stereo is particularly evident and the sound through the stereo picture is quite amazing. There is no thought that the sound emanates from left and right the sound picture is complete.
If ever I need someone to make a bomb proof shelter for me I know where to go [grin] I have checked out on Dre [my all time favourite producer] just as before, very accurate, probably the best production for showing stereo placement and spread. Liberty X single CD 'Just a Little' ...excellent and shows that their production is solid and spacey. Extremely true in all the frequencies, 'Cream Beach 2002' the speakers now come into their own.
Reproduction is very smooth and stereo well placed. It shows the speakers capable of sounding 'lush' when the mix wants that effect. No colouration, as you get with most commercial speakers..."

I use the NS10's in conjunction with a pair of Kef Corellli speakers. They are switchable so I can hear what the track sounds like on the NS10's then switch to the warm full range sound of the domestic HIFI Kef speakers. I also have a custom built pair of powerful 'Nightfire' studio monitors, powered by a Yamaha 1000 Watt amplifier, for really loud, full range listening. I call that "listening in full technicolour!"

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