Brand new range of high performance pro drivers offering many improvements over 'industry standard' drivers. Ideal for cabinet upgrades, OEM manufacture or home builders everywhere.

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All Fane, Beyma, B&C and P-Audio drivers still available to order.

Pro Sound Reinforcment Drivers from our fantastic 20" sub driver to our new neo/ceramic 6" midrange to set new standards of performance.


PR0411M8 4"(102mm)mid with integral phase plug 100W
PR6530 6.5" (165mm), 30oz magnet, Mid 65W
PR6530F8 6.5" (165mm), 60oz magnet, Twin cone full range 200W
PR65NEO 6.5" (165mm), 60oz magnet, Mid 200W
PR1066 10" (254mm), 66oz magnet, Mid-Bass 300W
PR1266 12" (305mm), 66oz magnet, Mid-Bass 400W
PR1566 15" (381mm), 66oz magnet, Bass-Mid 400W
PR15100 15" (381mm), 100oz magnet, Bass 500W
PR15125 15" (381mm), 125oz magnet, Sub Bass 850W
PR18125 18" (457mm), 125oz magnet, Bass 850W
PR18250 18" (457mm), 250oz magnet, Sub Bass 1000W
PR20120 20" (508mm), 120oz magnet, Sub-Bass 500W
PR21125 21" (533mm), 125oz magnet, Sub-Bass 850W

PR21250 21" (533mm), 250oz magnet, Sub Bass 1000W

4 Brand new guitar drivers guaranteed to bring your guitar tone to life and your neighbours round to complain...

10GS50 10" guitar driver 50W
10GC60 10" hybrid neo ceramic guitar driver 60W
12GS50 12" guitar driver 50W
12GC100 12" hybrid neo ceramic guitar driver 100W

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Various specially selected pro compression drivers, horns and coaxials brought to you by Nightfire. Call for more details

CX15 15"+1.4" CD Dual Concentric 800W+150W
D2544 1" Compression Driver 80W
D3672 1.4" Compression Driver 150W
HL60 'All in one' 25mm coil horn tweeter 40W
HL50 'All in one' 25mm coil horn tweeter 40W
H96 1" 90x60 deg glass fibre/ABS horn
H975 1" 90x75 deg glass fibre/ABS horn
H860 1.4" 80x60 deg glass fibre horn

The ultimate long coil ‘Sub-bass’ drivers, Ideal for high quality subwoofer applications in theatre, studio, home cinema and automotive environments.

CA10/700 10"dual long coil sub, order 2+2 or4+4ohm 350W
CA12/700 12"dual long coil sub, order 2+2 or4+4ohm 350W
CA10/900 10"dual long coil sub, order 2+2 or4+4ohm 450W
CA12/1000 12"dual long coil sub, order 2+2 or4+4ohm 500W
CA15/1600 15"dual long coil sub, order 2+2 or4+4ohm 800W

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Fantastic Range of High Fidelity Studio Quality Drivers cone drivers with incredible linear response and a ground breaking ceramic dome tweeter to match.

LL165 Ultra linear shielded 6.5"bass driver 80W
LL200 Ultra linear shielded 8"bass driver 120W
T26AFFNeo Ultra linear ceramic dome tweeter 30W

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General purpose drivers for home cinema, car, studio etc offering outstanding performance.

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High quality bass drivers designed to give exceptional performance in home, studio, and automotive applications.

PV0411 4" extended response bass driver 55W
PV0511 5" extended response bass driver 60W
PV6520 6.5" extended response bass driver 80W
PV0820 8" extended response bass driver 100W
PV1030 10" low resonance sub bass driver 125W
PV1230 12" low resonance sub bass driver 125W
PV1050 10" High power sub bass driver 275W
PV1250 12" High power sub bass driver 275W
PV1550 15" twin spider High power sub bass driver 275W

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These cone drivers and dome tweeters offer a host of features giving excellent performance for a wide range of situations from quality home audio right through to discos and installations.

Forte 5m 5" sealed back midrange 50*W
Forte 8 8" woofer 75W
Forte 10 10" woofer 100W
Forte 12 12" woofer 100W
Forte 15 15" woofer 140W
0.5dts ½" shielded cloth dome tweeter 15W
1.sdt 1" shielded ferrofluid cooled dome tweeter 25W

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