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Added / updated
Look After Your Speaker Cables Make sure your system works every time you plug it in by servicing your speaker cables regularly. Solve those annoying problems before they arise! Feb 2003

Stage Manners

How to approach gigs on small and large stages and get the best sound.

Dec 2003

Phase Cancellation And How It Effects You

A relatively simple explanation of phase cancellation in live or studio environments

Dec 2003

How To Mic Up A Drum Kit The Easy Way

Micing up a drum kit doesn't have to be expensive or complicated to get a great sound. The simpler the better.

Nov 2003

Passive And Active PA Systems Explained

We often get asked about the pros and cons of passive systems vs active systems, and I eventually had a spare minute to write this article. It explains in relatively simple terms what passive and active systems are, how they work and how to set them up.

Jun 2003

Driver Pre-Conditioning

Why and how you should 'bed in' you loudspeakers to get the most out of them and extend their lifespan.


The Numbers Game

Make sense of some of those figures the manufactures write in the manual! Deliberately missleading?


Using VU metering And EQ

Learn how to get the most out of your system by effective use paremetric EQs and by establishing what the VU on the desk and the clip lights on your amp actually mean!


Small Room Placement Of Loudspeakers

Experiment with your HIFI by optimizing the speaker possitioning to minimise reflections and cancelations.



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