The originators of the fibreglass voice coil with a reputation gained over many years. Recent improvements in all aspects of the company have meant many new satisfied customers. Thanks Ian for putting up with us! Drivers available to order

Acoustica Beyma, drivers available to order

World renowned Swedish amplifier manufactures that make the lowest distortion linear response products on the planet! 4200kW in 10kg!



Sheffields favourite band venue
Hard hitting pop rock performed with energy and style to spare


Self described as 'pop punk wankers', well worth seeing them live!

More info to come...

They are a great live band from Stoke who have toured the world - The perfect mix of swing, r&b and ska etc.

Anti Nazi League

Love Music Hate Racism

We did the sound for the 2003 Stoke 'Love Music Hate Racism Carnival earlier this year.

Barn Dance To Banquet For all your traditional music requirements

Audio Directory Listing
Information resource
Hararda Sound

Whether you are looking for a&r men, agents, auditions, co writers, information about contracts, demos, this is where you start your journey to write a hit record, make money from music. Thanks to Dec for all your advice!


European business magazine for audio professsionals
Industry Leading Pro audio magazine

Established music magazine aimed at the business end

Brand new magazine dedicated to live music

UK Audio equipment magazine

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If you love Tekno, here's all the gig dates you'll ever need

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